The Bright Angle is a Handmade Design Brand owned and operated in the Refinery Building in Asheville, North Carolina. We embrace craft and technology to bring small-batch handmade goods to fruition through maker-designer collaboration. Our team is comprised of skilled craftspeople that are involved in every step of the process in design and production.

I, Nick Moen (founder and creative director), moved into the Refinery Creator Space in Asheville, North Carolina in the Spring of 2016. My mission was to create a design workshop based on the principles of collaboration and problem solving through small-batch production. These collaborations have involved the small team of full-time makers at The Bright Angle as well as other studio artists throughout the country.

The goal is to bridge a gap between studio artists and the design marketplace. I believe the best way to execute this is by creating efficient systems of well-designed handmade objects where the production process is taken into consideration when designing the original model. In order to execute the prototypes for our first collaborative collection, we utilized the Asheville Maker’s space, our neighbors at The Refinery, to 3D print models for slip-cast porcelain mold systems. Beyond that, our collaborations in Asheville have involved working with local glassblowers, leather workers, printmakers, photographers, candle makers and other ceramic artists. This is why The Bright Angle is starting in Asheville, because the creative community is full of masters of their craft and in my experience we are all here to grow together.