The Democratic Cup

The project has been really exciting for a few reasons.  The primary reason has been our opportunity to be involved in creating a collection of work that acts as a platform for social engagement.  Secondly, it has been interesting to see models designed by studio potters translated into canvases for progressive narratives and to see the public response to each of the cups to gauge the relevance of the issues that are depicted.  As we move forward with the project, we have shifted our mission from focusing on progressive issues pertaining to the 2016 election to a reaction to the outcome of the election.  We realize that many of these progressive issues will be neglected by the incoming government and it is our mission to break the barriers of the echo chamber and to continue to create vessels that stimulate important conversations

Nick Moen
The Bright Angle

There have always been people in the village that create the objects. The potters, the metalsmiths, the builders. Today, even though we have the machines and technology to make the items quickly and efficiently, we still are in need of designers. At The Bright Angle we choose to not only design the items but choose to make them ourselves, which incorporates designing and handufacturing.