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The Bright Angle’s Capacitive Sensor Lamp Anticipates your Lighting Intentions

The Chi Lamp by The Bright Angle creates a lighting experience powered by curiosity.  This unique porcelain lamp available exclusively in our shop uses capacitive-sensor technology to anticipate your intention to illuminate, turning on just moments before your hand touches the porcelain surface. The sensation is surprising and magical - an organic take on 21st-century luxury.

Just as we can touch a glass screen to perform extraordinary actions, the Chi Lamp lets you touch porcelain to illuminate a room. The design reimagines the touch-lamp trend of the 90’s bringing new relevance and familiarity to a modern experience. The metal touch lamps of the past work with electron capacity, utilizing the electrons contained in the human body to trigger illumination through physical contact. The Chi Lamp’s anticipatory lighting experience allows the user to touch porcelain, or nothing at at all, to trigger illumination.

Nick Moen, founder of The Bright Angle, and Shannon Tovey, resident designer, collaborated with electrical engineer Avi Silverman to develop the design based on the capacitor sensors used in mobile touch screens. The Chi Lamp takes a cutting edge Arduino technology and introduces it into functional home decor.

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Capacitive touch sensing is typically used for close contact with a surface like the touch screen on your smartphone. We essentially turned the sensitivity up to be able to detect the human body’s natural electric charge. The lamp illuminates when it senses your energy field - your Chi, if you will.
— Avi Silverman, electrical engineer of The Chi Lamp

The illuminating dome is made of translucent porcelain, a material that adds another layer of curiosity to the design. When turned off, the dome looks solid and feels like stone, but when it’s illumined it takes on the fragile light diffusing properties of paper or fabric.

“The lamp was sketched on paper around a light bulb, translated to a digital CAD program, and then 3D printed. We made plaster molds from the model to reproduce the designs in porcelain,” explains Nick Moen.

The Chi Lamp was released as a part of The Bright Angle’s latest home design collection called TBA One. This lamp and the rest of the collection of functional designs is available for preorder in our shop

Video credit: Kevin Eubanks

Photo credit: Nicole McConville, Olive and West, Kevin Eubanks, Laurie Caffery Harris


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