Past Resident Artists

The Artist in Residence program was established to give an emerging ceramic designer an opportunity to expand and refine their practice in a production setting. 



Artist Resident 2016-2017

The way objects are held, whether resting or firmly grasped, is often an unconscious act. It is a simple moment of tactility that awakens an experience. With interior and exterior space in mind, I create forms that entice the hands of the user to investigate volume. Subtle impressions imply evidence of nesting or a memory of pieces existing together.
I see the potential process of functional slip casting in everything. I look at the concave leather chair in the corner of a cafe, see it in clay, envision it as a salt cellar, and start engineering the mold in my head before I even order my coffee. In the studio, plaster prototypes are designed from a mathematical process of achieving a technical concept. Conversely, my idyllic forms emerge from loose intentions through the intuitive subtraction of plaster carving.
I remove the connotation of fragility associated with white slip cast porcelain by staining the clay body. Reflecting a personal attraction to color, my simplified palette provides continuity between individualized altered pieces coexisting amongst one another. The restrained use of glaze highlights compositional form contours while seducing the user to interact with the clay as a raw material.